I bought these bags to use to pack clothes when I’m traveling. Somehow we always manage to come back with more stuff…
These bags are really easy to use and there’s no need for a vacuum cleaner, which makes them perfect to use for packing anywhere.
You basically place the clothes in the bag, seal it, and then roll it to release the air from the bag.
It ends up saving a lot of space and they are reusable so they’re super handy.

Paula Mitchell


For someone like me who travels often from work domestically with only a carry-on, this is awesome! I am able to place in my luggage much more clothes than before and even have room to spare. Tip: To make sure that all the air is out, I sit on the rolled clothes in the bag with my knees, that way taking out even more air. The bags themselves seem to be really tough and built from strong materials, so I hope they will last me a long time.

Megan Jacus


I like it, All the time when im travel I have a mess in my suitcase and I can not find anything, so my husband buy this for me, and its amazing, first I have so much space in my suitcase , it’s easy to use. And its good quality!

Celeste D